Friday, May 3, 2013


It’s tough to explain how the existence of an individual can affect you. You love them, hate them, like them, dislike them, or maybe the existence is just a part of your regular life, but it still fills a part in the life you live. The existence of all the people in one’s life defines an individual. We know that. We all know that. What we don’t know, or maybe just don’t care enough about, is that the absence of an individual can affect one’s life in a greater possible way, compared to any other thing in the world. We all love, we all live, and well, we all kill, but never do we think about our actions as right or wrong, or good or bad. We never think what impact we can have on someone, or what impact others can have on us. The impact is just a mere significance, or the instant attraction towards a person, not necessarily in a sexual manner, but the way in which one becomes a fan, a follower. And that’s probably the best thing to do in this life, to be that person, who becomes an idol, or maybe just a person to look up to.  To be someone who matters. To be someone who does the work. To be someone who will always be remembered, and kept in mind, even if keeping in sight is no more an option. We all will define our lives, but influencing someone else’s will be the better thing to do. To live is easy, but to live a life is tough. It’ll be a tough experience to laugh, to be sad, to be happy, or to be mad, the correct way, at the correct time, with all the right people, but it’ll be all that matters.

To err is human, and that is all that we must know. Knowing and expecting beyond our capacity is what does not happen. One never knows when the time will end, or when there will be a new start, as there is too little time to worry about such things, as life is what it is, and we all live through it. It’ll happen to you when you’re busy pouring yourself a glass of scotch, and thinking what it would be like, if it would have been different. It could have been better, or worse, or maybe just the same, and the significance might just have changed. And even if it would have been different, one day it would have come to an end, just like everything does and everything will. But one thing that will still stay when there’s no skin, will be the impact, and the significance. The fact that you loved, or you hated. The fact that you lived for all of it. And here I sit today with my drink, thinking, how different it would have been, if some would still have been there. How would it have affected me? And I wait, for all of it, for my share of it, for me to matter, and for me to exist.

-Vishwa Vijay Singh Dhandu